Sunday, December 08, 2013

My list sets the rules

Starting off on a tangent, I've been listening to downloadable audiobooks through the library, which is amazing and wonderful. I've discussed my love of audiobooks to one degree or another before and it's, if anything growing, so I might harp on the subject again.

But with a limited selection and other people checking out the available "copies", it's encouraged me to listen to things mixed up a bit more than I normally tend to.

I like it.  It's probably better for my brain than my tendency to marathon some writer or genre or whatever all together in a bunch, leaving them as a kind of brain pudding, although that's fun, too.

So, I'm pondering doing that for movies.

My theory is to simply follow what Netflix says I'll watch - or should watch.

It sounds interesting. It'll only be so interesting, since it'll really only affect the things I watch by myself and then doesn't really affect the things I watch on Netflix and not the things I watch on DVD or DVR from my cable. Perhaps that's not interesting enough to justify calling a thing. I'm not sure.

If it is, perhaps I'll post updates from it, aside from, of course, logging them on Letterboxd, as usual.

We'll see.

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