Sunday, October 11, 2015

Clickbait opinions

I remember ten or fifteen years ago and there was a series of controversies that opened up online about moviemakers complaining about other people's work. There were several of them, but the one I remember best is Kevin Smith complaining about Magnolia. It's worth noting I disagreed with his opinion, but there was a streak of offense that he would even do such a thing that I really didn't get. I'm just too committed to my own freedom to express myself to spend my time coming up with reasons why others shouldn't be able to, however logical they seem to other people.

Now, with everything on Facebook being cut down to the most potentially controversial thing and marketed for maximum click value, this seems to come up again and again, whether it's Quentin Tarantino on Netflix or Keith Richards on Black Sabbath.

First of all, let me say, I'm a fan of both of those dudes. I also disagree on both points.

But, here's the thing, as a single point, I don't give a fuck.

My defense of them, in both cases, is that neither called a press conference to announce this single point. They were being interviewed about a large segment of things, including their recent and upcoming projects and they expressed opinions and thoughts and facts about themselves within the context of being asked those things and gave them. Within the contexts of the whole conversations, those expressions are more generally more interesting. Opinions can reasonably vary about whether that "more interesting" adds up to being particularly interesting.

Now, Tarantino's current streak of going on about taping TV shows on VHS rather than watching through a streaming method, etc., does seem to take a little credibility away from his argument in favor of shooting and projecting movies on film, in that he comes across as a Luddite rather than an aesthete, but it doesn't matter. The Hateful Eight will make that point on its own, or maybe it won't, and that's how it should be.

For me, within the right context, I find the opinions of people interesting, regardless of whether I agree, so perhaps I dislike this trend for much different reasons than other people do. I can't imagine guys like Tarantino and Richards being shut up, but with each of these things turning into a controversy, what will that do for the instincts of future generations of talkative artists?

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