Saturday, January 16, 2016

Creative fields and race

Race issues are back in discussion with the new list of Oscar nominees. Here's a couple of good articles, if you're interested in this specifically, Oscar So White: Membership Rules are the Heart of the Problem and Yes, You Should Be Mad About The Oscars.

My issue, however, is not in awards, but is simpler and perhaps more personal.

I have pondered on and sketched and worked on "Gaunt Land", in one form or another, for years. Most of that has been as a movie project. Most recently, I have thought as an Independent Serial, but occasionally I have pondered others.

Of late, my drive to get something completed has come to a head, but my belief in my energy and social levels to embark on a sizable movie project is low. Not to mention, on the better side, I have been rather enthusiastically reading, so I would very much like to go ahead with completing it a novel or series of novels.

That leads to a rather odd, I'm sure to most, creative conundrum for me.

I'd always pictured it very much multi-ethnic, however not in any specific way. I always thought it would be exciting to cast every role for the best actors regardless of race and find a good mix in that process. It sounds fun and exciting.

With prose, there's more to it.

Sure, I could write all or most of the characters without specifying race, which, of course, means most readers will view them as white by default, see White Until Proven Black or Black Hermione Controversy, so that seems a pretty shitty solution. Not to mention, I have to come up with creative solutions to portraying the kind of stories I want on the covers without explicitly showing the main characters. Not impossible, but it is two creative challenges that I'd avoid altogether with a movie project or by, as some cranky part of my brain sees it, not bothering to bestow this glory upon the world.

As I rarely feel as cocky as the latter reaction suggests, that is probably not the way I'll decide to go.

That leaves me with the other two possibilities I see. I can either get my energy levels up to where I'd need to make a movie project going or I need to suck it up and decide on specific races myself and mark them down for posterity. I still have next to no idea which sounds better or more realistic to me.

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Neil Sarver said...

Right now, I'm very excited by the idea of writing them as novels, so I think that's the way this is most likely to go, unless something changes mightily, but I really am confounded by this issue.

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