Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Death to rock

Being the demographic I am, middle-aged white guy, a lot of people on my Facebook are of a similar demographic. It just happens. I don't work on it. Life just goes that way. If I make any effort at all, which I almost never do, it's to broaden that. This leads, it seems, to a lot of memes and messages decrying the end of quality music.

Man, middle-aged white guys sure are committed to the music they listened to in their 20s!

I see a lot of different ways to memorialize music going forward or going back to whenever it was the middle-aged white guy who made the meme being shared stopped listening to popular music. So, sometimes it's nothing good since Led Zeppelin hung it up and others it's something inexplicable like Korn. The message is the same, though. If popular music isn't driven by white guys playing guitars then it's inherently going the wrong direction.

Don't get me wrong, plenty of these same guys would pick James Brown over Nickelback, if they thought about it. Or if they listened to a record by either of those artists for comparison, because, ferchrissake, they have ears! Don't they?

But they don't think about it. Thinking not something middle-aged white guys are known for being good at. Middle-aged white guys react. Less white guys with guitars, less good music. Fuck this shit.

Can I get off this train? There's plenty I have in common with these otherwise bright and interesting people, but, man, this is making me fucking crazy.

I'm not much better about finding new music, but I know it's out there. I know enough people who are smart enough and in-touch enough assure me of this and I hear just enough of it to know it's true.

But even it wasn't - or isn't, if you insist - I still wouldn't be convinced that the answer could only be more white guys with more guitars.

And I listen to a fucking lot of white guys with guitars, don't get me wrong. And maybe one more will indeed turn out to be some kind of salvation. Maybe a hundred more will be in years to come, but I doubt it, and I even kind of hope not. I'd like to see the world branch out. I'd like there to be more and more and more options, creativity and expansions of the possibilities of music. Even if some it eventually pisses me off.

Especially if some it eventually pisses me off!

These people are the same fucking dumbasses their dads were when he said that Nirvana didn't compare to the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin to the The Beatles. Or the dumbasses their grandpas were when he said Elvis had nothing on goddamn Bing Crosby or some other unlistenable horseshit. They are proudly of equal ignorance and want to shout it everywhere.

I think they're all fucking morons and should shut the fuck up, go to listen to their old white guy music and stop crying. I listen to more than my share of white guys with guitars and will shout my love of those white guys and their guitars until I die, but fuck if I'll pretend that's the end all be all of musical possibilities.

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