Saturday, April 23, 2016

Prince II

I wrote some thoughts on the death of Prince here. I tried to tie those up into some kind of point. I noticed after I finished that it was a similar flesh/spirit conflict that characterized so much of his music, although from a much different perspective and then closed with "Forever in my Life", which might be his best "Is it about a lover or about God?" song without any conscious thought. So, I'm weirdly proud of parts of it.

I don't expect this one to have as much of that. I'm just having a number of reactions after a couple of days of seeing other people's reactions.

Prince Was a Genius No Matter How You Define It. Yep.

This video, so long as it exists, is from the 1988 Lovesexy tour, which was frankly also the Black Album tour, as he played just as extensively from that album, although it hadn't been released officially at the time.

One of the things I particularly like in this song is how he starts a dirty line, "I'm gonna put her in the back seat and drive her" and gives just enough pause for you to buy in before add "to Tennessee". It's a nice delivery.

Here's Vernon Reid of Living Colour discussing Prince's legacy. It's very well said.

I've seen casually thrown about is the "fact" of the movie Purple Rain being misogynist. This is a problem I struggle with on a long of occasions, and, mind you, it's been some time since I've seen the movie, but I'm not sure I'm prepared to agree. I will agree that my recollection is that it definitely includes misogyny and The Kid, Prince's character, is an abusive partner to Apollonia. As with many of these types of situations, I'm not immediately inclined to agree the movie textually supports his behavior. I know, he's played by Prince, so he's cool as shit, but that's not necessarily the same.

There also seems a lot of talk about what will happen to his much discussed vault of unreleased material. I saw a tweet that said it wouldn't be right to release all of this material for someone like him who so carefully planned and guarded his material. I can't help wondering if a person who so carefully planned and guarded his material if he didn't have a plan for the posthumous release of some of it. I know there are articles with open speculation about what plans he did make for his estate, if any. I don't know, it's just another perspective, I haven't seen.

I know from finding videos to post here from all kinds of weird sources, most of which will probably be down in a couple of days, I reckon, that he certainly was successful at keeping that control. I might be a bad person, on some level, to work this hard to circumvent that, but, man, this just needs the music.

I'm not sure why everyone is determined to say you can't stream Prince online, though, when all you need to do is join Tidal. Is everyone hiding that? You can also easily purchase most things from online stores, too. It's not everywhere, but it still seems like people are trying to make a much simpler narrative out of his relationship with the Internet than was quite true. Is it just for drama or is it not bothering to put in the research?

I could say so much more. After visiting his catalog, I'd like to defend Batman. "Batdance" aside, it's aged better than the movie, I think. I'd need to spend more time on it, but I also think his later catalog deserves a much better reception than its gotten. Popular artists are unrealistically expected to stay current, which often isn't as realistic as it seems. To my ears today, the '90s material and beyond might not have felt like what the people needed at that time, but it sounds great as part of his catalog as a whole.

I'll wrap up with a Sign o' the Times song again, though. It's really my most important personal Prince touchstone.

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