Thursday, May 19, 2016

Blogging today

If you noticed this, you might be one of the handful of people who has noticed I've gotten back to blogging.

I'm as surprised as anyone.

I have a confession. In a weird way, this is my favorite time blogging, at least since I first starting doing this 12 years ago, at least by the reckoning of my first blogoversary post.

Yep. It's really because no one seems to notice and those that do make hardly any deal of it at all, just like way back then.

I did enjoy that weird zeitgeist when a bunch of us bloggers were all reading each others blogs and commenting and having blog-a-thons. It was fun. It was challenging. It was inspiring. I'm glad it happened, and I had some small part of it.

I don't miss it, though.

There was a weird pressure, though. I never really wanted to be an essayist. I just like having an outlet to release a certain amount of my thoughts into the world. The zeitgeist made everyone think that it was the path to doing something, I guess, bigger. Some part of me grew into thinking that sounded good to me, too, but really, the more it got to that, the less I enjoyed it overall. I'm sad for my friends and fellow bloggers for whom all of that meant a lot, and I know actively miss that time.

That's not enough to make me miss it, though. I like just unloading some thoughts and being about done with it. I'd turn off comments if Blogger had an option to turn off comments and still leave the comments that have already been made. Luckily for me, commenting on blogs seems to become a thing of the past and I don't much have to worry about it as an issue.

I don't know if this little blogging trend will continue. I'm just writing as I think of things. I'm not trying to think of things, just writing them when I do, and apparently that's what I like best.

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