Sunday, May 08, 2016

Civil war

First, let me acknowledge this piece, which I found of the Instagram for oswarez. If someone has a better credit, I will be happy to give it, especially because it is fucking awesome and the artist deserves as much credit as possible.

So, I saw Captain America: Civil War. I believe it's the first Marvel movie I've seen in the theater since Iron Man.

(Ok, now that recall, only the first since Guardians of the Galaxy, but that still feels a little separate to me, although perhaps the sequels will eventually bring those closer together in my mind.)

First of all, I really did like it a lot. I agree with most of Marvel's Civil War is mainstream pop filmmaking at its finest by Drew McWeeny. So, if you came to just here the largely positive thoughts I have on this one, you can go there and you'll be really close to the same positive thoughts I have.

Go, appreciate the enthusiasm. The Captain America series is easily my favorite thing going on in the Marvel movie universe. I'm not sure any of the other concurrent series even competes. I'm really excited by this series.

That said, there are some things dragging on all of the Marvel movies. I feel like too much of my enthusiasm leaving the theater was for the upcoming Black Panther movie rather than for the movie I just saw. I assume many people are having something similar about the upcoming Spider-Man. I know the format they're working for is designed to give us all a bit of this, I think the balance might have tipped a hair too far in that direction.

I'm also more than ever convinced that this serial of major motion pictures will never be my favorite, regardless of how well they are done. I'm sure I'm basically in the minority here, but there's something missing for me in not having the smaller stories or the weirder stories that decades of comics or cartoons or traditional TV brings.

Take a look at "The Lonesome Death of Jack Monroe", Captain America vol. 5 #7 by Ed Brubaker and John Paul Leon. This story takes place during the same storyline told in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In fact, as a fan, I could probably just imagine it took place there between other scenes. It's too small to make it into a movie, though. The commitment they have to them being 13 chapter novels, it probably wouldn't even show up in something like Marvel's Daredevil.

It is, however, not only one of the best parts of that storyline, I think it might be one of the best comic book stories of all time. It's quirky, suspenseful and genuinely moving. It might not add something obvious to the story, but the texture it adds is substantial.

I guess this is just adding to my thoughts on Superheroes and storytelling that I had shortly before going, but it did strike me again as I was leaving.

I am excited to be in a world where we can watch these big spectacles, I feel that loss every time. Perhaps not always as specifically as that example, but in the background of what they could be for me, and what they have been. It's less a complaint than an observation. They are what they are.

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