Thursday, May 12, 2016


I guess I know how a lot of Guns N' Roses fans are feeling this year now.

Man, there's no way this could be all I might hope it would be! There's sort of a version of a classic lineup reuniting at 60. If there are shows after these, how ridiculously overpriced will the tickets be? And how good a show could they possibly put on to even make that feel close to worthwhile?

Everything about The Sonics reunion has impressed me, but then their ticket prices were pretty reasonable, even if the show I finally got a chance to lineup for got cancelled, to my disappointment.

But then, this is the most recent thing Glenn Danzig inflicted upon the world. For what it's worth, it's not safe for work. Or for watching with the volume on. Or watching with your eyes open.

What can being in the Misfits again do to bring that up to a standard worth paying premium ticket prices for? Could Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein or just the material or professional necessity provide enough magic to get him to what I'd want from a Misfits show? Does enough magic exist in the universe?

Especially since looking at something like The Misfits Almost Settled Their Latest Lawsuit With A Reunion by James Greene, Jr. could reasonably lead a person to conclude that the legal settlement reunion is simply happening and will be as short as both parties can agree to make it.

Every single one of the thoughts I've come up with are skeptical. The odds this won't be a complete embarrassment are low. The odds it will be worth premium ticket prices are infinitesimal.

So, why am I kind of excited anyway?

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