Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nerdy new things

I was reading I Will Pay to See The New Ghostbusters Twice Because of This Person by Neil Miller. It refers to If nerds won the war for pop culture, why are they so angry all the time? by Drew McWeeny, as I did in Nerd conquest.

It has a number of really good points, but I think the most important is "without the optimism to discover new things, he never would have ended up where he is now. I know I wouldn’t have."

Me, either.

There was a shock for me somewhere in trying to embrace nerd culture. I guess it wasn't so much a shock, in that it took forever for me to really realize it, but whatever nerd culture is, it's not for me. Weirdly, my take is that I'm too damn nerdy for it.

I'm a guy who is generally on the hunt for new things. I have lists of new things I want to check out and much of the reason I don't get to so many of them is that I get distracted by some other direction I want to try new things from.

Growing up, my feeling of being a nerd came from trying things that weren't cool. Things that were old or low budget or experimental or lo-fi or foreign or avant-garde.

It took me a long time to realize that much of what exists and existed as nerd culture opposes that. Sure, they like one or two of these, but each individual group tends to only like one or two and reject the others quite firmly. In that way, they are very often more rigid than mainstream culture, because people in the mainstream have generally not defined as clearly the lines that make their group what it is and what is acceptable within it. It happens with all outside cultures, whether comic nerds or punk rockers. They set their ground, and it's usually set within a specific group, involving generational differences and some perceived philosophical differences.

After spending much time with them, I generally find myself tired of them all. I'd rather spend time with people with whom I have very little in common, but who are open to differences. I find this culture incredibly tedious.

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