Friday, July 29, 2016

A note to long time Hillary Clinton supporters

Dear Hillary Clinton supporters,

Yes, I'm supporting Hillary Clinton in November. Let's get that out of the way.

This shouldn't have been as hard as it was to come to.

Look, I was a Bernie Sanders supporter. I still am frankly, but I accept that he lost. I'm of the more modest belief that he did lose fair and square, although I think some unnecessary shenanigans also took place, which is unfortunate.

I made the case about my feelings on other parties, in Other parties, but frankly I'm not voting for Jill Stein because I don't want her to be president. Although I'm generally to the left of Clinton, I have found nothing appealing about Stein. She seems to me to be getting a pass on a lot of big questions by other Sanders voters for simply being to the left of Clinton without any of the skepticism I'd like to see.

Clinton has done an admirable job of making the case for herself, which is the reason I will vote for her.

You, dear Clinton supporters, are the reason it has been difficult to make that transition. The one between, "I guess I'll probably vote for Clinton, because, well, that fucking guy" to "I'm with her". You fucking suck.

No group of supporters has ever been less inviting.

I've hidden more Hillary supporting friends on Facebook than supporters of that fucking guy. You are an insufferable bunch and, while I might be with her, I'm most certainly not with you. She does not deserve to lose this election. America does not deserve that fucking guy. You deserve to lose. You might even deserve that fucking guy.

It's impossible to find a pro-Clinton article to share that doesn't include some snotty-ass condescending sore winner bullshit about Sanders and his supporters. You know what that means, I'm not fucking sharing it, dumbfuck! Great information about how the left is sharing bullshit facts that the massive right wing media machine created in order to disparage her. I'd love to share that. Let's at least bring our own concerns, and valid real world criticisms, to the table to discuss rather feeding the right wing media machine. Oh, look, first paragraph, some bullshit about Sanders and his supporters. Too bad, I'd love to be disseminating the rest of that information, but I won't be.

Clinton supporters love to go off on "Bernie Bros", but my experience was reversed. Clinton supporters are aggressive, hostile, patronizing and utterly lacking in respect.

So, I'd like to make clear, if Clinton loses in November, you'll get yourselves into fuss blaming the "Bernie Bros", but before that happens, you should take a long look in the mirror and deciding why your camp is so much less appealing to Sanders supporters than Stein's or even Gary Johnson, because that's where it is.

I'm with her, but I can't fucking stand you.

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