Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dear political parties

Dear political parties of the United States.

Here is some unsolicited advice for you.

First, to the big guys, the Democrats and Republicans.

"Electable candidates" simply aren't actually electable. I can look through my whole life's memory, which seem long enough to create enough of a pattern worth examining for its applicability to how modern elections work. What do all of the losing candidates have in common? They were chosen because of how "electable" they were.

Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Bob Dole, Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton. All respectable, long-time, solid public service. All qualified for the position of president of the united states.

(There's a corollary for Presidents Ford, Carter and Bush I, but we'll ignore that, as it's admittedly more complicated.)

Some of them were folks whose "turn" it seemed to be, others just stood out of the crowd, mostly for being kind of non-offensive. They were supposed to not upset too many of those independent voters, so they would come on over. It has, in my memory, never worked.

People who created a lot of controversy, including within their own parties, like Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush II, Obama and president-elect maggot fucker, they get elected.

"Electable" is unelectable. Every single fucking time.

It's because you're looking at the wrong people. The people who vote every election, but don't always vote the same, they don't matter at all, that you spend every election offering everything short of sexual favors to in every possible forum. Ignore them completely. Fuck 'em. They'll come to you eventually.

The people you need are the people sometimes vote and sometimes don't or the ones who have never voted, but could and might. Those ones. The ones everyone bitches about, dismisses, reviles and spits on. They have all the power in the country. They decide the whole kit and kaboodle. Whoever gives a bunch of them that big rush that they need to get off the couch and vote for, that person wins. Every single time.

They're like half of the eligible population, so there's a lot of room for opinion in there. What's needed is to motivate the one's who could vote for your side, so they actually do something.

Nothing else matters at all.

So, then, on to the others, Green Party, Libertarians, etc.

I'm not forgetting I wrote Other parties.

Go! Do some good.

Get people in office. Get people in local elections. Get them on school boards. Get them in state governments all over the place.

Make sure people know that they're running. Not from the voters pamphlet and certainly not from the ballot. Get out there. Shake hands. Get interviewed about important subjects.

If Bernie Sanders and president-elect piss collector prove nothing else, it's that people are ready for more diverse answers than we've been getting. We agree on that.

You're shirking that responsibility with vanity candidates in elections they can't win. Grow up. Do the fucking work.

That is all.


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Neil Sarver said...

For the record, I suspect that George McGovern, the other election loser of my life, but not my memory, was the "electable" choice, too. He was anti-war to appease the Baby Boomers, but mainstream enough that the Scoop Jackson Democrats would suck it up and vote for him.

I'm pretty sure you could keep doing this for a while. Even an analysis of Nixon '60 vs. '68 seems like it could make sense in this context, but it might not be the best use of my time to ponder right now.

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