Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Fight the power

I recently moved back home to Seattle with high hopes, optimistic about how the changes involved would benefit me and my family. The one thing going for me personally is that our economy has been such that even I can get jobs, something that hasn't been true for most of my life. I'm not confident of that being true for long now. My Seasonal Affective Disorder is raging worse than ever, perhaps from my body being out of the habit of dealing with it for so long.

But I had some small comfort in that fact. I really did. I could imagine plans that would involve me getting a different job, where I was less exposed to the types of people I grew up around and spent so many years trying to get away from.

I no longer do. Perhaps the economy here has hope, but I suspect the wave of the world will take all of down relatively equally.
This month has restored my feeling of insecurity and discomfort in my body, taken away my ability to feel secure and comfortable in my home, for reasons I won't be getting into here, and now in my country.

I am hopeless and angry. I don't know where any of this goes for me and mine, or for anyone or anything else.

I've tried, with less success than I - and many others, I'm sure - would prefer, to be one of those people who doesn't interrupt normal life with political shit. I certainly understand that none of the back and forth memes do anyone any good, nor does debate in our current environment, quite frankly.

I've seen several posts where people complain that we who voted against Trump would have supported an Electoral College victory that supported a Hillary Clinton electoral victory with a Trump popular win. There are certainly those that is true of, but I have bitched about the hopelessly outdated Electoral College system since I first learned of it. Maybe 1980? I don't like it when people I voted for lose to it, I wouldn't if someone I didn't vote for did either. It's a dumb 200 year old compromise that doesn't represent how anyone looks at the USA any longer.

I'm not thinking of turning my Facebook into a wall of memes. I'm frankly thinking of leaving social media altogether. I'm tired of living in the echo chamber.

Not that I'm one of those who is planning to go sing "Kumbaya" with the other half. I'm not feeling anything like understanding or forgiveness right now. I might lock myself away with my rage and see what comes out the other end.

The Disgust. The Grief. The Shock. And What to Do About It. by Christopher Frizzelle.

I'm exhausted and despondent.

Leading up to the election (and re-election) of George W. Bush, I was one of those people who made snarky comments about repatriating if he were elected (and re-elected), but dismissed it immediately in the face of reality of it. In this election, I was one of the one's on the other side, dismissing those who said it this time. We're Americans and citizens, we need to stay and fight the good fight, right? Now that it's come, I'm seriously considering what options there might actually be. I'm also a father and am seriously concerned about how I want my son to grow up and who I want them to grow up among.

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Steven Millan said...

This year's ugly and dysfunctional elections(and the winning results[to the point that apathetic people,sneaky alternate Internet sources,and multi billions won that very top political spot[as well as many other seats}] playing their role in that major win) was indeed a major disappointment to the point that I've been trying my best at staying at my self appointed sabbatical(from both [mainly] the Internet and television news),but it is getting pretty hard to do so amid the stupid stuff that I see several people already going on-line. We all do really need to get together to mightily Fight The Power,indeed.

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