Monday, November 14, 2016

Political correctness

The left needs to retire their complaints about "political correctness".

First, I think Bill Maher and Trae Crowder are essentially wrong here for another reason. As I said in Dear political parties, the key to success isn't convincing those middle-of-the-road people, it's getting the people who don't always vote to get up and get out to vote. They're playing the wrong game.

Here's the thing about "political correctness" and the argument against.

I agree with Lindy West and her new column Blaming political correctness for Trump is like blaming the civil rights movement for Jim Crow.

Look, I'm pretty punk rock. I'm nearly a free speech absolutist.

So, you give me a weird Orwellian term like "political correctness" and I, like most of my kind, tend to reel back and agree that I can't be in favor of it.

The problem, though, is that, at best, it's a weirdly nebulous term. It seems to cover everything from, as Neil Gaiman wrote, "treating other people with respect" to allegations of actual legal attacks on people's free speech rights.

If a terms is that nebulous, it literally means nothing... and everything. It's a complete waste of all of our time to discuss.

So, all of you out there whining about "political correctness" driving the white men away from the left, here's the deal. You might have some good points that I'm not seeing. That's your problem at this point. No one is seeing them.

Some people might think they're seeing them and be a mile away.

That's the problem with using an ominous, nebulous pejorative. You can get a lot of nods and smiles. As a comedian, I'm sure you get lots of applause.

People hear what they want to hear. People who don't really agree with you at all, applaud and cheer. They think they've agreed with you. You think they've agreed with you.

Because you've said nothing.

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