Sunday, December 04, 2016

Social media update

For a while after my departure from Facebook, I was on Twitter doing much the same as I'd been doing on Facebook, with less satisfaction. For me, there's simply something about social media that makes it too easy for me to get caught up in it, just "liking" and sharing.

Recently, I've largely cut out Twitter, too. I haven't closed my account and have posted a couple of things, because it's simply way easier for me to just not log on to Twitter. And it is useful enough to share things occasionally.

For now, I'm using Feedly to read news and blogs. For what it's worth, I'm not in love with the application itself and would be more than happy if fans of alternate readers felt the desire to convince me of the superiority of their choice. I am, however, enjoying the fact that I'm just reading things I want to read for my own edification.

I'm also enjoying my semi-occasional visits here to write modestly extended thoughts.

We'll see how this continues.

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