Sunday, January 22, 2017

Come on, motherfuckers!

This bullshit came up on my Twitter feed, 11 Democrats who could defeat President Trump in 2020 by Jeremy Schulman.

Come the fuck on!

What a bunch of "electable" losers!

Maybe - and I mean maybe - not Elizabeth Warren, but along as this lists like this includes the likes of Tim Kaine, you can only assume it's a list of "electable" losers on purpose.

I said, in Dear political parties, that running an "electable" candidate is a sure losing proposition every single time. This is true at least as far back as the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but probably a lot further back. Not a single "electable" winner in the bunch and a ton, perhaps even entirely, a bunch of "electable" losers who didn't make it.

If Democrats want to lose in 2020, they should absolutely move forward with the same dumbass, running an "electable" loser strategy they have failed with so many, many times in decades past.

Even a failed, flailing, pathetic sitting president, ripe for a fall, impeached and hated, will beat the likes of Tim Kaine. Not that I dislike the guy, I just don't think he'll ever be president.


Steven Millan said...

Elizabeth Warren is the Only good choice on that very Democrats list,for it'll take either Warren or even the likes of Al Franken,Alan Grayson,and/or a complete newcomer from out of nowhere for the Democrats to win the Presidency in 2020.

Neil Sarver said...

I like Elizabeth Warren. I think she would have been a very good choice in 2016, had she run. I'm less confident in her as a 2020 candidate, because I think it might need someone new and unexpected to shake an incumbent, even a wildly unpopular and unhinged incumbent, from the White House.

I think someone out of nowhere is going to be the best hope.

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