Wednesday, January 25, 2017

He has sounded forth the trumpet

This is my prediction. Feel free to come back to this when something has come to definitively disproven and say "I told you so." For the time being, it seems the most likely outcome to my view.

I think the son of a bitch will continue to do worse and worse things. A lot of people will be very angry and demonstrate a lot. The demonstrations will increase in the kinds of minor bits of destruction and violence that Republicans love to whack off to their own outrage over, but not turn into rioting.

The Democrats will make very minor, but meaningless, gains in the midterm election.

Buoyed by this, the Democrats will continue to largely vote "yea" on offensive law, because they can't apparently can't defeat it, so why not make a winning vote, I guess. Mainstream Democrats will insist on running the safest, most boring and electable loser in history. Much of the rage against the power elite will be be siphoned into third parties, but not enough to make a difference above ensuring a re-election success.

And four years from today we will be looking at the beginning at the beginning of a second Civil War. The sides will be less specifically geographic than in the first one, but will obviously have a geographic factor.

At this time, I have no prediction about the end result of that.

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