Sunday, January 22, 2017

Princess of power

Why am I watching She-Ra: Princess of Power with my son?

Well, first of all, having a five year old named Conan, I am always looking for excuses to show him beginner sword and sorcery. I think the time for Thundarr the Barbarian will be with us again soon. But that's all probably the least interesting question.

Since I was just advised that this and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe both recently available on Netflix, why I did I choose the spin-off and the "girl" spinoff at that?

Mostly, I don't give a fuck about that kind of boy/girl shit. It's never made much sense to me and probably isn't likely to start any time soon. Hollywood is more committed than ever to the fool notion that people are unable to relate to characters who look essentially like them. They've told enough that a lot of fools have taken to believing them. But really, the remarkable and important thing is that, while neither show is particularly good, "She-Ra" is a substantial step up.

I suspect the main changes in the show are mainly due to trying to figure out a way to explain He-Man having a twin sister that has never been mentioned. Having her being kidnapped and taken to another dimension during infancy makes as much sense as anything anyone was likely to come up with, within the confines of the storytelling being done. At that point, having the kidnapper being in power in that dimension somewhat follows.

The fact is, though, rebelling against an illegitimate authority is generally a more interesting story to tell than defending a legitimate authority. Perhaps that's a good reason for better storytellers to work on telling the latter better, but in the case of relatively lousy storytelling, it means the former will almost always turn out better.

And, yes, as an anti-authoritarian, the story of rebellion is the one I'd prefer my son to have ingrained in his thoughts. Of course, in part because of the son of a bitch that just took power in our country, but always. Authority should always be viewed with suspicion to constantly ensure its moral legitimacy, regardless of how much it could appear to be morally valid previously. As such, I'm much happier with this story as the one he spends time with.

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