Monday, January 23, 2017

Why I hate the Left

Ok, fine. More politics-schmolitics. With special apologies to my Twitter followers who already saw some version of this rant.

There's this story, Social Media-Powered Berniecrats Try to Move the Party Left by Emma Grey Ellis. It sounds like good news to a Bernie Sanders supporter like me. A Tea Party for Democrats, and potential Democrats on the Left. Great.

When you're equal but opposite of a group with a fucking perfect name like "The Tea Party", you've got to have a name that really captures something visceral for Americans. Something that crystallizes meaning in one short burst, maybe including a clever little play on words. Something fun that the media will be aching to talk about, just so they can speak the name of your organization. Something that will inspire cosplay and other activities that will draw more attention to your movement. Right? Now, that it's been done, it seems so obvious.

Oh. It's Justice Democrats.

Never mind.

Hang on. I know that Know Nothing was taken, but so was "Do Nothing"? How about "Oops! We just crapped ourselves"?

Nothing - and I mean nothing - sounds more like "We don't care about bringing anyone in outside our little circle jerk" than "Justice Democrats". It's branding suicide.

So, no, much as I support the ideas this group is likely putting forward, as much as our goals are likely aligned, I will not be offering my support, time or money to this group. Because my money would be put to better use having it set on fire in my living room. Because my time could more productively be spent trying to teach my cat to blow me.

This is what the Left does every time. They step up to the plate when they're needed. They send their best batter to the plate. Then they fucking bunt.

Fuck this shit. I hate the Left so fucking much!


Steven Millan said...

Both the left and the middle/Independents certainly really need some much better spokespeople to represent them,since all that is evolving upon our eyes is painting a very ugly future for us all. The likes of Gary Johnson,Jill Stein,and Jesse Ventura really blew it for the Independents,the Libertarians,and the other middle centered political parties with both the actions of Johnson and Stein clearly speaking for themselves while Ventura should have taken a second term as Minnesota governor to help fully strenghten up the middle and Independent parties instead of becoming an Alex Jones-esque conspiracy theorist junkie(after the end of his first[and only] governor term) and bringing Trump into the political mix to get us where we're currently at.

Neil Sarver said...

In an election where a third party candidate could have made real '92 style traction, the Green Party ran Stein, who couldn't convince most people she qualified, and the Libertarians ran Johnson, who, while clearly qualified, never came across as serious about his effort to run a campaign. How true those impressions were could be an argument worth having with someone who isn't me, because I can't much care. It's certainly what happened.

I agree that Ventura could have stuck with it. I think he also could have picked his favorite conspiracy and stuck with it. Even if people don't agree, they can generally forgive people their one pet conspiracy theory and still find them credible. His wholesale leap into conspiracy world lost him the interesting kind of credibility he had, including with me. As much as I'd wanted to hold on to it.

For what it's worth, following up on the original post, Justice Democrats tweeted back at my shitstorm, At least we're trying.

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about that. I like that people are trying and I hate to discourage people trying to do the very things I want to see done. I couldn't wish them the best more than I do. On the other hand, I just read Don’t think of a rampaging elephant: Linguist George Lakoff explains how the Democrats helped elect Trump by Paul Rosenberg and am feeling particularly unsympathetic to watching more Democrats spin their wheels trying some variation of the same strategies we've seen fail time and again.

Maybe at a certain level, we need to stop giving out participation trophies to each other every time we fall short of saving lives and making the world any better. Or maybe I'm still too raw with anger from recent events to view it properly. I hope I'm a fucking asshole and they succeed like nobody's business.

As I've said, I'm pretty well resigned to eight years of this. I don't see an end in which the Democrats don't run another "electable" loser in 2020 and loses badly. Mainstream Democrats are sick fucking junkies for those "electable" losers. They suck cock in filthy back alleys for them, wake up choking on bloody vomit and come back telling the world about how badly their missing out.

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