Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I'm still deeply torn on the idea of collaboration. For a variety of reasons, this is likely an argument against it, but it still haunts me.

Part of what intrigues me by own ambivalence is that it doesn't fit my impressions of the reasons most people have. The part where I cede autonomy over projects and let other ideas to become a completely different whole is exactly what I find so tempting.

The issue I have is that the larger a group, the more likely it is to find safety to be a virtue, even in a group that wouldn't in smaller parts. A safer choice is more likely to come up and a group tends toward finding merit in that. This happens no matter how one views safety. In terms of physical safety, this is very good. In most other, especially artistic, this is exactly what I'm trying avoid for myself and whatever I do going forward.

Like I said, I think I've mostly talked myself out of collaboration, although perhaps at some point I'll stumble into someone or some group and find a way to change that.

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