Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Twin Peaks and the trouble with critics

When I was much younger and I would discuss my thoughts on movies, or other artistic works, people would often say things like "I don't know how you enjoy movies when you're thinking of all of this stuff?"

I always found this puzzling, because nothing like that ever occurred. I'd watch the movie. I would have some opinions, and I would examine, in reflection, what led me to those opinions. It seemed simple enough.

The other idea was confounding.

Why would a person think that made sense?

Now, more and more, with the Internet leading everyone to have opinions on everything, I see that for a lot of people that is how they develop any opinion other than "movie good"/"movie bad". Or so it seems from their explanations.

This feeling has built up over time, but the opinions of the new season of Twin Peaks seems to have exacerbated that feeling. I watched the first four episodes and loved them. Right now, they feel like great songs that are part of an album I haven't heard in its entirety yet. I really want to hear the rest of the album. I want to listen to them again. I have some thoughts, but they're still forming and based on the overall experience I had.

Too many of the opinions I've read seem to have been built like a play-by-play analysis as they watched. Even in cases where I agree with parts, I'm still left more confused than enlightened, because that sounds like such a bizarre way to watch and enjoy the show. It's like me and those critics, some professional, but most of the arm-chair variety, are a completely different species. I say that having watched it with my cat who watched intently and seemed to be experiencing it for what it was while it was on.

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Neil Sarver said...

I confess I needed a different word than "critic" in the headline, since that implies professional critic. Most of what I've seen from professional critics in discussing the new "Twin Peaks" has been fine. It's mostly the armchair critics who are giving me a headache.

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