Monday, November 06, 2017

Disney owning the world

How do we feel about Disney owning the world?

The 21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell most of the company to Disney story buzzing all around begs the question.

Mind you, whatever Marvel and Star Wars rights are in this are not much of an issue for me. That's just consolidation. And while I'm less enthusiastic about Marvel Studios generally than many others, I still agree that they stand a better chance of making a decent Fantastic Four movie than Fox, so it's all good.

I have three major thoughts on this.

First, and the one I'll keep coming back to, is that there's too goddamn much media consolidation. None of us should be ok with this. The possibility of seeing a live action Wolverine vs. Hulk should not be enough to make it ok.

Second, maybe if anyone has to consolidate all of Hollywood under its envelope, it should be Disney. We pretend it isn't true, but Hollywood is fucking Klan level racist. We all ignore it, because of like artistic freedom or the need to make boatloads of money that might be partially jeopardized by having non-whites in too many significant roles. We can't all risk the fun of big movies all the time by being on the right side of history, can we?

Well, Disney is the only one that seems to be making a real effort in this direction. The Star Wars movies are looking genuinely diverse. Black Panther is coming.

Mind you, the Doctor Strange and Iron Fist controversies are still pretty recent, and the fact they very weirdly took nearly everything about Miles Morales, made him white and just called him "Peter Parker" for Spider-Man: Homecoming shows they have a distance to travel before they reach a point that civilized people would consider decent, but that is still a good ways ahead of the standards of their industry.

Third, well, there's something less interesting about everything Disney touches. I've not gotten to Phil Owen's I’m Breaking Up With Star Wars yet. And with a Rian Johnson movie on tap, I have at least that far to go before I give up, but bringing in Ron Howard and bringing back J.J. Abrams are discouraging, even while understandable, moves for me personally, especially from a studio that has made a lot of things I like just fine in the moment, but only a few I really connect with.

Mind you, I can accept if I need to break up with Star Wars, and I've never connected beyond the moment with anything of the Marvel movies that weren't made by James Gunn, although the Captain America movies have come close. I'm not bitter about any of this. I'm glad other people are getting what they want from them.

And I, like everyone, mostly end up talking about Marvel and Star Wars, all of which I'm fine consolidating further.

The rest seems like a lot of overreach and a borderline monopoly on mainstream entertainment, which I'm more than a little troubled by.

Until it actually happens, I don't really have more to say, but some part of this feels like something we should be worried about more than we are.

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