Thursday, June 28, 2018

An apology to Lindy West

I'm going to shut down this blog pretty soon. I said something the other day on the social media. I might have come across like I was looking for drama. Really, it just seems like time. The voice I created for this blog no longer feels like mine, which is among the reasons I can rarely bring myself to post here.

But there's one or two things that feel unfinished.

One is the whole Lindy West thing that seemed amusing to me, and only me, for a week and a half, however many years ago. Reading her book, Shrill, it occurred to me that I had some kind of introspective post in me about how I came to be one of her first trolls and stuff like that.

I introspected and introspected to find something interesting to say about why I originally wrote those posts about her reviews. I could recall the story of how I came to write it. My girlfriend at the time pointed the reviews out to me and suggested they had issues, and I kind of rolled with that. We lived in a darker world than I had the perspective to realize at the time, so it was too easy to go to that place.

Since that time, I've written more than once that I was foolish to write those posts because it turned out she's an amazing writer, which a larger and larger group of people have rightly discovered. I've met her a couple of times and interacted with her online. She has been more generous with me than I deserve, I'm sure.

But it occurred to me that the thing I've never done is actually apologize, so I am now.

Honestly, in thinking about it now, if she had never turned out to be brilliant, I would have likely forgotten this whole incident, and she would deserve this apology even more.

So, while this might not have turned into me or you getting a better insight into my actions of the past, it did finally lead me to say what I should have said a long time ago.

I'm sorry for being a jerk then.

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